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Picking the perfect summer wine

Picking the perfect summer wine

It is always going to be a matter of taste, but here is my guide to choosing a wine for summer time. This post is assuming, that the weather is nice, and that you will be eating lots of vegetables, berries and seafood. A recommendation for a barbecue wine will also be listed. Hope you enjoy the read!

WHITE A white with a high acidity and a citrus and flowery thing going on. This combined with a mineral texture, is a secret combination for ensuring a thirst-quenching-drinkability. That’s a word.

FOOD I would combine with canned fish from FANGST, bread and lemon.

Wines like this: Des Velao, Haus Marke, L'air Innocent,

RED The choice of red wine, is of course a matter of taste - and food. For me a red wine for the summer, should be able to handle some barbecued meat, both chicken and beef, and even go well on its own.

Wines like this: Tenuta x Juta, Sinforia di Rosso, Puszta Libre

ORANGE & SPARKLES Summer is also the time for sparkling wine, and orange wine as well. Here are a few good ones. Cheep & Cheerful Cava from Penedes. Petillante: A direct press of Gamay, coming from a well-renowned Burgundy producer. Expect Strawberries, Raspberries and creamy bubbles. Sauvignon Maceration: Expect elderflower, passionfruit and overripe lemons. This peachy orange wine from Meinklang, will impress you and your friends Weiser Mulatschak

That is all folks! Hope you enjoyed the read.
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