Aldo Viola

In harmony with the forces of nature.

Aldo Viola is a fourth generation organic estate, located on Sicily. The estate covers 16 hectares split in two sites, both in close proximity to the city of Alcamo on the Northwestern coast of Sicily.

Historically the focus has always been the respect for nature and tradition. The grapes are meticulously selected by Aldo himself, and the small production of only 10.000 bottles each year, allows him to be part of every proces - from planting the vines - to putting on the labels.

The result of four generations of organic cultivation and some biodynamic practices, are healthy soils and thus healthy, high-quality producing vines with a strong territorial identity. This is wine, that will only improve with time, but at the same time has a exceptional drinkability.

No filtration and a minimum of sulphur added for stability.