Gut Oggau

Ambitious and innovative wines from Burgenland!

The young and hot couple Stephanie and Edouard Tscheppe, are setting the standards for natural and modern winemaking in Austria. Their iconic label designs, with hand drawn faces, representing the unique personality from the different parcels in the vineyard. 

It started when Stephanie and Edouard, bought an old vineyard from the 1700-hundreds, that had been inactive for 20 years. This making the vineyard, vines and soils uniquely clean and ready to be farmed biodynamically - off the bat! Today the wines are Demeter certified.

The faces on the labels bare no smiles, as the wines are not your happy-go-lucky wines, but a strong integrity and backbone in these balanced, elegant wines. The winemaking is completely natural, with no filtering and no added sulphur.