Jerome Forget

2019 COCID 19

125,00 Kr
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Jerome bottled this cider under the first total lockdown in France and therefore gave his cider this colloquial name. The cider has a pretty crazy blend of wild yeast aromas, as one knows from Normandy and Brittany's classic dry French ciders. The scent is strongly funky with a fun mix of bitter and fresh apples (the style from Lemasson), and then the sweeter, heavier scent of smoke and light barn (style from Kinkiz). Taste a little combination of our wildly fermented French ciders, just in the same cider, and at the same time a rather original acquaintance if one is into complex French natural ciders. The cider is at 5% vol but has plenty of body and loads of fruit!

  • Area: France, Normandy
  • ABV: 5.0%