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It's our two year anniversary! 💰 Get 10% off on all wines 💰
It's our two year anniversary! 💰 Get 10% off on all wines 💰

San Ana Del Rio

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This mezcal from Alipús is made by the Hernández Melchor family in the village of Santa Ana del Rio in Tlacolula, Oaxaca, which has just 371 inhabitants.

The agave used is espadine, which grows about 1,500 meters above sea level in the city's soft hills. The fermented juice is distilled twice on small pot stills of copper.

The mezcal has aromas of green and black pepper, tobacco, and lime. It tastes of beautiful baked agave, lime, pepper and coniferous forest with a nice aftertaste. Enjoy it on its own or in a favourite cocktail.

The range of mezcals from Alipús spans many distilleries in small, dusty villages, all a few hour's drives from Oaxaca City. The project was started in 1999 by Los Danzantes and aims, among other things, to show how diverse mezcal can be made from the same type of agave. All mezcals in this series are made on agave called Espadin or Agave Angustifolia (with a few exceptions, such as their limited editions). Thus, the main differences in taste come from the terroir of the different areas, the different production methods of the distilleries, and the know-how of the individual maestro mezcalero.
Although the term "handmade" has gradually become a bit diluted in the world of spirits, it is still the aptest description of mezcal from Alipús and Los Danzantes. The small family-owned distilleries operate with a minimum of technology; In several places, the agave is crushed, for example, with large wooden clubs and distilled in traditional pot stills of clay. Each pueblo has its own way of doing things - and it can be tasted!