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The Weekly 'Sixer' Pulp Pack

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Ready for a Good Deal!?

A selection of six of our finest wines each week at a discounted price. We will have fun with you by theming the Pulp Packs around grapes, countries, colours, or just pure deliciousness! All Pulp Pack prices are subject to change each week and while supplies last!

This week is a focus on Spain, Portugal, & Italy!

1. 2016 Azimut Negre

A nice table wine to go alongside some barbecued pork. Fresh herbaceous red fruits with some mild tannins. The wine is very easy to drink and can handle some heavy food! 

  • Area: Spain, Penedes
  • Grapes: Tempranillo, Garnatxa, Monastrell, Syrah, & Carignan
  • Style: Red

2. 2019 Cosmic Cabernet Franc

A pleasant Cabernet Franc that shakes its booty on your palate with intense blackberries, eucalyptus and roasted coffee. An incredibly expressive wine perfect for grilled red meats, cold cuts, game, and all sorts of cheeses. YUM!

  • Area: Spain, Penedes
  • Grapes: 100% Cabernet Franc
  • Style: Red

3. 2019 Vinho Verde

The first certified biodynamic winery in Portugal with tiny production. It is located as far north as you possibly could be, in the Vinho Verde area. The producer uses a unique approach to avoiding sulphur in his wines. He has long studied the impact of using chestnut blossoms as a strong anti-oxidant. Instead of adding sulphur, he adds these blossoms, which grow in a forest close to the winery. They are completely neutral in taste but evidently work!

The wine itself is pleasant, high in acidity, with a honied floral nose. It has some round textures due to the wine ageing on the lees at the beginning of the process. Perfect for fish, vegetarian dishes, or as an aperitif!

  • Area: Portugal, Vinho Verde
  • Grapes: Azal & Arinto
  • Style: White

4. 2019 Note di Bianco

The proximity to the ocean is what makes most Grillo grapes so expressive of fresh, salty finishes in your glass. Alessandro Viola masters the grape and its ability to express all things fantastic about Sicily. Salty breezes, fantastic seafood, and constant sun-kissed warm weather. Want to go on vacation? Buy a bottle of this. Pair with anything from the sea alongside capers, herbs, and a squirt of lemon.

  • Area: Sicily, near Alcamo
  • Grapes: 100% Grillo
  • Style: White

5. 2019 Raiz

Tiego Teles is a natural wine-making pioneer that creates all of his wines in North Portugal, in the Vinho Verde region.

Aged and fermented in concrete tanks with four months of skin contact and jammed with tropical fruits and elderflower. Although the wine is orange, it has a distinct minerality, with a delicate salty finish and electric acidity! 

  • Area: Portugal, Vinho Verde
  • Grapes: 100% Loureiro
  • Style: Orange

6. 2019 Marcello Colfondo

Refreshing sparkling wine made from Sangiovese and Pinot Nero! Red berries dominate your nose with a beautiful earthy fragrance. It has delicious, easy drinkability and persistent bubbles that carry a mouth of pomegranate juice freshly squeezed raspberries/strawberries and a spicy finish. All in all, a fun sparkling wine that begs you to drink it again and again.

  • Area: Italy, Tuscany
  • Grapes: Sangiovese & Pinot Nero
  • Style: Sparkling